Meeglo’s mission is to help people with distressed minds connect to their bodies. We apply scientific research to wellness practices, providing friendly tools for deep breathing and meditation.

Who we are

Lark Buckingham

Co-founder and CEO

Lark had a vision of developing interactive therapy tools for trauma survivors. She is a filmmaker who learned how to code and build electronics to make the first Meeglo prototype. Lark does community organizing against sexual assault and gender-based violence, and is an art and new media graduate student at UC Berkeley.

Janine Heiser

Co-founder and CTO

Janine is a software developer and recent graduate of the UC Berkeley School of Information Masters Program. Interested in interface design and data visualization, she is excited to help create a tangible, interactive user experience that enables one to externally visualize his or her internal bodily and mental states.

Levon Fox

Head of Design

Levon is a designer based in Oakland CA, interested in the intersection of digital processes and materials. He holds a Masters in Architecture from UC Berkeley where he specialized in fabrication and computational design.