Biofeedback for better mental health

Handheld device and app for deep breathing and meditation


Studies show meditation improves mental health, Meeglo makes it easier to do.

By changing colors as your heart rate goes up or down, Meeglo shows how your breath affects you.

Heart rate variability biofeedback is a treatment for depression, anxiety, and chronic stress.

Make 5 minute sessions a daily practice with Meeglo.

Track your mood and understand how it relates to your heart rate variability.

Meeglo is for people with mental health issues, beginning meditators, kids, and anyone looking to reconnect with themselves in times of high stress or anxiety.


Hardware device

Breathe in resonance with your heart to balance your mind

Mobile App

Reads heart rate through the phone camera for sessions on the go


Track your progress to maximize heart rate variability

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